The Mindful Mummies Meet-up

We are SO excited to announce the tickets to our next meet-up are now LIVE via the link in our Instagram bio! Unfortunately, due to the nature of the venue, we have a limited number of tickets so please be quick to avoid disappointment! Don’t forget all profits of our event will be donated to PANDAS foundation.

Pregnancy and childbirth are life-changing events that affect women both physically and mentally. A proper and well informed physical recovery goes hand in hand with a healthy mental well-being (which we all know is vital when it comes to taking on our new roles as mothers).

Did you know?

• 1 in 3 women will experience urinary incontinence after having a baby.

• 50% of women who have had children have some degree of symptomatic or asymptomatic pelvic organ prolapse.

• 1 in 10 women will have pain during sex after childbirth.

These problems can occur in women who have had simple or traumatic vaginal deliveries or a caesarean section.

These conditions, whilst not life threatening, can significantly affect a woman’s quality of life. Some women change their routines and lifestyles so dramatically to ‘cope’ with their symptoms that they become isolated and socially compromised. It is easy to see how the physical effects of birth have significant emotional, social and psychological impacts on women that can lead to a decline in their mental health. This is why we feel it is so important to host our next event and cover these issues (and more) in order to support new mums in their postpartum physical recovery. We are so excited to announce our three amazing trainers who will be supporting you through a two hour talk and post-natal workout at the fantastic studios at Flex Chelsea.

Alex Marks loves all things fitness. But he also has another love; helping Mothers become the best versions of themselves, which is why Alex’s passions have fused into his very own brand of pre and post-natal personal training. Alex focuses on optimising the health of a pre-natal mother to optimise the chances of conception and then give both conducive and appropriate exercises throughout the three stages of pregnancy and the post-natal recovery. On the day, Alex will be leading a post-natal workout that is aimed to support and guide you to a healthy, happy and balanced physical and psychological state.

Clare Bourne is a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist specialising in caring for women during and after pregnancy. She has worked in the field for 6 years with extensive NHS experience and now works in private practice at Six Physio in Chelsea. She is mother to a two-year old daughter and is pregnant with number two and has therefore learnt first hand the physical challenge of pregnancy and motherhood. Through her work, she is aware of how alone women can feel in the postnatal period and how they can be unsure where to get help for symptoms that are often embarrassing and difficult to talk about. She loves to support and provide rehabilitation, helping women to achieve their goals whatever their birth experience. She provides postnatal body checks for women at 6 weeks, which is a comprehensive physical assessment with tailored advice to guide return to exercise. Clare will be sharing her top tips for postnatal recovery, including the all important pelvic floor, helping you to build it into mum life and not feeling it is another thing in your day you don’t have time for. She will talk about return to exercise and cover the advice for all mums, including advice for those who have had vaginal births and abdominal births (caesarean sections). Clare is passionate that as women we take care of our pelvic floor for life, the postnatal period in many ways is just the beginning.

Gemma Folkard is a pre and postnatally qualified Pilates Instructor and mama to three. She teaches in London and is passionate about how exercise can act as a magic tonic in the postpartum period, whether that be physical or emotional. Gemma will be leading a post-natal pilates session focussing on breath & relaxation as well as stretching, strengthening and lengthening the whole body.

Please ensure that you have had your 8 week post-natal check up and that you are fit for exercise before booking into this event. We can’t wait to see you there and to join our movement #makeamindfulgeneration.